Criminal Defence - When the charges don't tell the whole story

Been arrested or received a citation?

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We act for clients in a wide range of criminal matters, including road traffic law, domestic assault, and breach of the peace where the charges really don't tell the whole story. The criminal law charges our clients face are varied but we provide the same thorough hands-on service to all.


What to do if you have been arrested

When arrested you can ask for your solicitor to be informed of your arrest. Thereafter, you will be asked if you wish to consult a solicitor before you are interviewed. This phone call can prove vital, giving you access to expert legal advice relating to the charges you are facing before you speak to the police.


What to do if you receive a citation to Court


Your citation will include a complaint (list of charges), a summary of the evidence against you, and a letter offering you the opportunity of pleading guilty or not guilty. It is important to seek legal advice prior to signing this and entering a plea as doing so may affect any future options you have. If you plead guilty by post you may be losing the opportunity for an experienced criminal lawyer to defend you against the charges and to negotiate a plea on your behalf.


What will happen at court


If you have been detained by the police your first appearance may be as a custody or as an undertaking, if your case is prosecuted at summary level. If the charges against you are more serious the Crown may opt to prosecute you by way of solemn procedure. In that case you will first appear on petition and be committed for further examination.

If you receive a citation you will be given the date of your pleading date on the letter you receive through the post.

After your initial appearance in a summary case you will be given an intermediate diet and a trial diet. In solemn procedure you may have a second appearance on petition and will then await the service of an indictment before attending a first diet followed by a jury trial.

We can provide you with representation from the first calling of your case, providing you with clear, impartial advice every step of the way. We will mark sure that you understand the process involved in your case from start to finish, ensuring that you make reasoned and informed decisions throughout.

Road Traffic Law - Free Initial Telephone Consultation


Our experience could make the difference for you in letting you know your chances of avoiding conviction and the possibility of negotiating a lesser charge in return for a guilty plea. We have an expert knowledge of defences to road traffic law charges and how to vigorously defend you against serious charges. Laura will also discuss what sentence the Court might be likely to impose should the charge against you be proven.


Types of road traffic law charges typically advised on include:


*Death by Dangerous Driving


*Dangerous Driving


*Careless Driving


*Drink Driving


*Drug Driving




We offer a free initial telephone consultation to discuss your options and advise how we can help. Call us today on 01592 645 772.


Fixed Fees for representing you at your road traffic trial


We are happy to offer fixed fees for representing you at all stages of your road traffic case. This will allow you to properly budget for your legal expenses without any nasty surprises. We will be happy to discuss a proposed fixed fee at your initial consultation.


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