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We offer a comprehensive service for those offered a Settlement Agreement by their employer, please click here for further information.

We take employment rights seriously and are ready to assist you with the variety of issues that will arise during the course of your employment. We regularly assist employees who have been unfairly dismissed and discriminated against in obtaining the compensation they deserve and the recognition that they were treated unfairly.


We offer a legal aid service for unfair dismissal claims as we are aware that many of those who lose their employment find themselves in acute financial difficulties.


Unfair Dismissal - Legal Aid Available


Employees who have generally worked somewhere for at least two years have a right not to be unfairly dismissed. It is important to remember that in these cases it is not the decision which can be challenged but the fairness of the process itself. The case law is very clear that basically  an unfair dismissal action will fail where the employer has carried out a reasonable investigation, convened a reasonable disciplinary process and come to a reasonable decision. It is surprising how often though that these simple tests are not met and in those cases unfair dismissal actions can be successful. Claims are raised in the Employment Tribunal and employment judges can order compensation for employees who have been unfairly dismissed.


How much compensation can I claim?


We are experts in ensuring that you claim for everything you are entitled to when you have been unfairly dismissed. Claims are valued in three different ways.


1. Your basic award. This is what you would have received had you been made redundant at the time of your unfair dismissal. We calculate this with reference to your age and your length of service at the time of your unfair dismissal.


2. Loss of Statutory rights. This is to compensate you for the fact that when you find a new job it will take you time to gain the employment rights there that you had at your old job before you were unfairly dismissed.


3. Compensation.  This is normally the largest part of the claim. We calculate your loss of earnings and we can claim for any likely future loss of earnings too. We can also claim for the expenses of you seeking new employment. If your employer has failed to follow the ACAS code of conduct we can also ask for an "uplift" in the compensation to be paid.



Discrimination - Legal Aid Available


It is now well known that it is unlawful to be discriminated against at work. Discrimination law is however a complex topic and careful advice is required. We are happy to consult with employees who believe that they have been discriminated against. As with unfair dismissal, claims are brought in the Employment Tribunal and employment judges can order compensation to be paid.

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