Making A Will - Helping you put your affairs in order - choosing a guardian for your child should the worst happen.

We can prepare your Will and make sure your affairs are in order. Your Will can also name your preferred guardian for your child should the worst happen.


Who should make a Will?

If you want to ensure that your assets are left to the person or people of your choosing, it is imperative that you make a Will. If there is no Will, application has to be made to the Court for the appointment of an Executor and this leads to delay and expenses. We also believe that Wills should not simply be made by the elderly or unwell. We believe that Wills are also vital for all parents with young children. If you do not make a Will, who will look after your young children should you die?


Making your views clear regarding your children’s future

A will can also be used to appoint guardians to your children in the event that you were to die before they reach the age of 16.  If you have young children you may wish to know that you have named a proposed guardian for that child. Then if the worst happens, there will be no doubt about what your wishes are in respect of your child’s future. If you do not have a Will it is not uncommon for loving relatives to all apply to look after your children. This can cause uncertainty and often tension. Often parents have a strong preference for who they would wish to raise their children but their views may never be known.

Scottish law on wills, trusts and executries differs from English law. For instance, the term 'probate' is not used in Scots law. Probate is known in Scotland as confirmation. Application for confirmation is made to the local Sheriff Court, through the Sheriff Clerk

A valid will must meet certain criteria. You must be of sound mind and understand what you are doing.  The will must be in writing. How the will is written is not important. It can be in ink, pencil or typewritten. The will must also be signed on every page and at the bottom of the last page by the person making it, and their signature must be witnessed by one other person.

Changing a Will

If you wish you can revoke a Will or alter or change your Will. Again, there are specific legal requirements for each of these actions which is why it is worth consulting a wills solicitor.

Sections can be added to, or amendments made to, an existing will, known as a codicil. Adding a codicil to a will does not replace the will, it simply makes amendments or additions to your existing will. So, for instance, you could add a codicil to include a family member who was not born at the time the original will was written.


Fixed Fees for Wills

We are pleased to offer Wills for a fixed fee of £180.00 plus Vat per Will, together with a discounted combined price of £300.00 plus Vat for two matching Wills for you and your partner.


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