Notary Public Services for Foreign Marriage Documentation; Australian Visa Applications; Certifying Academic Records; Affidavits And More

A Notary public can be required for the execution of foreign registered deeds, affidavits and other formal legal processes. We are pleased to offer a fixed fee for Notary Public work.


Fixed Fee Notary Services


We generally charge £50.00 plus VAT to notarise simple documentation. If many documents require to be notarised we are happy to discuss a fair cost with you in advance. This fee also applies for certifying true copy deeds.


Examples of documents we notarise.


*Notarising marriage documentation for foreign weddings.


*Notarising or certifying academic qualifications for use abroad.


*Notarising affidavits for simplified divorces.


*Certifying true copy deeds as being authentic duplicates.



What should I bring to my appointment?


Please bring with you the document that requires to be notarised and any original document together with any copy that requires to be certified as a true copy. Please also bring photographic ID (passport or driving licence) so that we can ensure that the document is being notarised by the correct person.



Notary Public Assistance for Getting Married in Italy


If you are fortunate enough to be planning a wedding in Italy, then you will need the services of a Notary Public. We have helped many couples have their Statutory Declaration notarised successfully.

Scottish residents cannot start the documentation process more than 3 months before the date of the wedding but that shouldn’t mean arrangements are left until the last minute.

There are 4 steps you will need to complete before Scottish couples can get married in Italy.


Step 1 -  You need to get a Certificate of No Impediment

Contact your local registry office In Fife. You can find their details here.


After your notice has been posted for the required period you will be issued with a ‘Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage’, signed and dated by your local Registrar.

The names on the Certificate should exactly match your names on your passports.


Step 2 -The Statuary Declaration- Where we come in!


While you are waiting for your Certificate of No Impediment you should make an appointment with us to sign the Statutory Declaration. Generally your Italian wedding planner should be able to send you an electronic version of this.


The declaration is required by the Italian authorities and gives additional information that isn’t detailed on your Certificate of No Impediment.


Step 3- Legalising your documents for the Italian authorities


When you have your Certificate of No Impediment and you have made your Statutory Declaration, you need to send them both to the FCO Legalisation Office in Milton Keynes for each to be legalised with a Hague Apostille. Their details can be found here: Foreign and Commonwealth Office Website.


Step 4 - Translation of your Certificate of no Impediment (CNI)


Once both these documents have been legalised, you will then need to have the legalised Certificate of No Impediment translated. As it will become an Italian legal document it should be translated by a translator based in Italy and sworn before the Italian courts or an Italian Justice of the Peace. Your wedding planner will no doubt provide you with a list of recommended translators.  A fee will be charged – fees vary depending on the translator. They will also charge a delivery fee to have the translation couriered back to you or to your wedding planner’s office. The Statutory Declaration does not need to be translated since it is already in both languages.


Once all of these documents have been prepared, your wedding Planner will generally send the documents to the town hall where you will get married. 

Finally, please note that your Scottish Certificate of No Impediment will be valid for three months hence why the process cannot be begun in Scotland until three months before the wedding date.


Notaries Public for Australian Visa Applications


We are experienced in Notarising documentation required for obtaining Australian Visas. Often this can involve large quantities of documentation being certified as a true copy by a Notary public.


If professional qualifications require to be demonstrated then often extensive transcripts and academic certificates also require to be notarised. There is insufficient space here to list all the variables of what may be required and the best place to start is probably the relevant Australian Government website.


We are happy to assist in ensuring that documents are certified appropriately and often at short notice.

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